First Steps

Welcome everyone! This is our first post about our game “States of Water”.

The goal of those posts is to show you the progress we made on it. But… what progress can we show, if we haven’t shown anything.
That’s why the first one will be about the overall concept of the game.

In this game we are controlling a slime, who is trying to find the meaning of their existence~

They don’t walk, but instead roll around, and stick to various surfaces. The more of their body touches the ground, the faster and more agile it is.

As they don’t have legs, they can’t jump in a traditional sense, but a ramp and a bit of momentum will do the trick~

The slime and Creature; First character we meet in the game.

The slime can absorb liquids (usually it’s water), which they store in their body (as you can see in the picture above). They can move it somewhere else, throw it somewhere, or save it, just to be bigger. Sometimes having more water on them may save their life~

Frozen slime and 2 ice cubes they created.

A very crucial ability the slime has is the power to change into an ice or a steam cloud. When frozen, they can’t move, but because of the lost stickiness, they also slide around, and have an easier time saving their momentum (so it can be used to move faster, or do various tricks).

Additionally, in this form they can create ice cubes out of the liquid they stored. It’s bound to be useful when solving puzzles~

As a cloud, the slime can glide, and even fly in some places. They can also use the liquid they stored to soar a bit higher (or fall faster, depending on what the player wants).

And that’s pretty much it. Next time maybe I’ll show you something actually about the current state of the game 😀

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